Brother Printer to the year

Writable this time I can share relevant news and tariff policy details Printer J100 Brother  jual toner kosong DCP 2014 Latest !! Brother Printer really have not heard extensive Indonesian market, unlike the Canon and Epson printers that are already booming. But even though his name is not yet widely renowned, the excess should not be taken easy !!
Brother Printer to the year 2014 recently formed a cardboard superior, is a Multifunction Printer DCP-J100, DCP-J105 and MFC-J200. This printer has a third advantage is able to optimize the print pers debit counsel that more and with a high dexterity. and the latest technology is tucked Teknologo Laminates !!

Laminate technology functions in order to maintain Print Head Printer and certainly willing to extend its working life. besides, the Brother printer and have the privilege is embedded Piezo technology which serves to provide temperature more infamous for Printer to printer capable of more permanent and long supple.

Brother Printer This has the advantage that the use InkBenefit ink, with ink kartidge split system so we could replace with ink on the pattern which has been completed recently. so no ink that was thrown down the drain. InkBenefit Ink technology can certainly save the ink and the system installation is very easy kartidge longer apply because the ink system installation next address.

Well ,, one first-type printer brother that most fans of Brother Printer DCP-J100. hp laserjet p1102 Here are the specifications and advantages:
Printer Ink Brother DCP-J100 Benefit has dimensions of 435mm (W) x 374mm (D) x 161mm (H), with a weight of only 7.1 kg. since the policy began Printer Brother DCP-J100 are able to print with speeds up to 27 ppm with fast fashion print black and white or monochrome. Well ,, while to print documents or photos DCP-J100 color printer is capable of printing up to 10 ppm with the agility with print resolution up to 1200 x 6000 dpi reach (interpolation).

There copie harga serbuk toner color technology capable of copying with the dexterity of up to 11 cpm (copies per minute) in order to document black / white and patterned to speed can reach up to 6 cpm. Multifunction Printers Brother DCP-J100 Ink Benefit has technologi ink save mode is useful which is saving ink and cartridges that have a discharge of ink is relatively little use cartridges Individually 4 variants are cartridges number of High Yield (Black) LC539XL which he said could form to achieve 2400 pages of A4 paper and cartridges super pattern High Yield (Colour) LC535XL Cyan / Magenta / Yellow can be forged to reach 1300 pages of A4 paper.

Brother Printer DCP-J100 is also willing to put a drip system that directly access the printer without a hose section, unlike the system in order to infuse the average inkjet printer that is attached to the outside of the printer or printer on the outer side with a hose that can be seen.

Nah..Untuk price Printer Brother DCP-J100 updated 2014 range Rp1,600,000, – the price to be more expensive or less expensive depending on the depot of the seller and place tucked cost you’re willing to make reference before spending Printer Brother DCP-J100 is.

L300 printer has a minimalist design

EPSON L300 is one single PRINTER which was specifically created for the entire SME business is the business of digital printing (digital printing) as business photo printing printing persuasion parameter small brochure, harga serbuk toner card supremacy notes, certificates, certificates, stickers brand label children and appropriate business studio mini photo !!
In addition to L300, the largest printer manufacturer EPSON again indulge in three other printers is Epson L110, L210, L350 Epson printer. All four printers are released simultaneously this has the virtue and benefits of each.

Nah..kali Husus we examine one of the refill tinta single best-selling printer 2014 is EPSON L300 !! The following description and superiority.
L300 printer has a minimalist design with intricate 2,7kg dose of 472 x 222 x 130mm. Epson L300 is equipped with Infusion system or Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) that is the privilege of beginning the manufacturer Epson. with the infusion system has been embedded didalamnnya, so the printer is very popular and liked by the SME entrepreneur half !!
For more wisdom Epson L300 starters this is the element that printnya output dexterity 3x simultaneously compare Epson L Series Printer This printer previous generation isi ulang toner has added frugal stun kindness is 10 watts and 0.3 watts when printing on the condition of sleep mode.

In sales, this printer has been included as well or there are two bottles of black ink and three bottles of ink in shades of cyan, magenta and yellow.
Well ,, against single bottle of black ink capable of printing up to 4000’s original strand L300 supports the latest technology is Micro Piezo print head near the engine as these inkjet printers. Nah..untuk early mistake printer Epson L300 and L300 is clear Catridge speartpartnya irreplaceable Epson only specialized technicians who are able to fix it, but you do not get discouraged Epson L300 printer’s warranty service after a year and have to sell the veteran and has inherited the Best Innovative Award 2012 !! which is the best and best-selling printer !!